Popcorn for Dinner (aka My Family and Me)

First of all, this is me, Tiare. You say my name like this: Tee-Air. Unless you speak Spanish, in which case it is Tee-AH-ray. (I like that way better, but we’ll go with the original).


If you want to know more about me, well, read my About. But I will give you this random detail: I am crazy about coffee and tea, and I eat popcorn for a meal at least twice a week. Popcorn, mmmmm…….

Now take a peek inside our living room window, and you will find my family (probably gathered around the television, playing video games. Or frantically racing around, trying to find matching shin guards or missing clarinets or gymnastics leotards or field trip permission slips, because we are about to be late for something).

Here’s what we look like when we are NOT running late for something:


And that’s my family. Now quit peeking in my living room window.