Adrift in the Sea (aka: Summer Vacation)

School’s out, school’s out, teacher let the monkeys out!

schools out

No, not my kids’ schools – they are still eagerly counting down the days. However, my college classes have ended until fall semester. It should be a relief, I know. College students everywhere are probably cheering in celebration, making plans to spend the summer relaxing with friends. I, on the other hand, am counting the days until classes begin again.

waiting for school to begin

Maybe I am a naturally restless, goal-oriented person. Or maybe, after years of being adrift, it just felt good to be on the boat, motor cranked up high, aiming toward something. Toward good grades. Toward IT certifications. Toward a rewarding career, where people will pay me to use my brain.

adrift paddlingAnd then – freeze. The motor cuts off in the middle of the ocean. I am adrift again until summer vacation ends. Great. Well, luckily, there are oars in this boat. It’s kind of a pain, because time moves slowly when you’re paddling a boat all by yourself, never quite knowing if it will get you where you want to go. But paddle you must. Because somewhere out there, land awaits. And sitting still is simply not an option.

Summer Goals (aka “Oars”):

  • Self-study for IT certification exams (N+ and MCSA)
  • Continue career-hunting
  • Learn at least one scripting language well (Perl, JavaScript, PHP, or Ruby)
  • Play around with virtual machines
  • Get to know Linux better
  • Read a fiction novel or two
  • Continue writing novel
  • Learn some new recipes with the kids
  • Grow a second garden just for winter squash and pumpkins
  • Organize the house
  • Build a computer with Teen #1 (if the budget permits)
  • Encourage my kids to practice coding
  • Swim a lot with the family
  • Improve soccer foot skills

Simpsons family summer vacation