10 Somewhat Interesting Things About Me (A Random List)

1. When I was a girl, my favorite sandwich was peanut butter, dill pickle, and banana.

Flexitarian: I am not a vegetarian; I just eat like one.

2. When I’m putting gasoline in my minivan, I like to smoosh my face against the windows and make funny faces at my kids.

3. I can’t float on my back in a swimming pool. Every time I try, I sink like a stone. Also, I was second slowest on my middle school swim team.

4. I love to run fast. I take pride in outrunning nearly every woman, and even a great number of men. Sometimes I wish I had become a track and field athlete. Or a professional soccer player. Something fast.

5. I am an almost-vegetarian. There is actually a word for this: a flexitarian. Basically, I only eat meat around 2-3 times per week. After cooking meaty meals for my family, I often prepare a meatless dish for myself.

6. I love to be in nature. If I were a cell phone, then the way to recharge my battery would be a few days in the forest, or at the seashore, or beneath the stars in the desert.

7. If I were to meet a fairy who would grant me just one wish, I would wish for long, shiny, straight black hair. Or maybe money. Being rich may be just as fun as having long, shiny hair to swing around. Really, I can’t imagine being rich, because I don’t much like spending money and wouldn’t exactly know what to do if I suddenly had a lot of it. Well, other than travel a lot and buy a long, shiny black wig. Also, maybe I would build a koi pond.

I wish I had hair exactly like this! (Okay, so shallow, I know)

8. I remember the names of almost every child from my preschool class from 33 years ago. I remember lyrics to hundreds of songs — even songs I only sang a few times as a child. My earliest memories are from when I was not even two years old. Sometimes it is useful to have such a detailed memory. But there are also many things that I wish I could simply forget.

9 Cada dia, me esfuerzo en mejorar mi castellano. Yo miro las noticias, juegos de futbol, programas para niños, y programas ordinarias, incluso telenovelas. Yo escucho la radio en español, cantar canciones, y leer novelas tambien. Desgraciadamente, creo que todavia estoy lejos de hablar con soltura, probablemente porque me faltan las oportunidades de hablar con otras personas.

10. I like to create beautiful things for people. I write stories and poetry. I bake treats, sew quilts, and make beaded jewelry and hand-stamped cards. I like to give away my creations to other people, because I like to think that maybe my gifts may brighten someone’s day,  and that maybe, just maybe, they will be touched enough to pay it forward to others.

The not-so-perfect quilt I am making for one of my sisters for Christmas.