The Salad Dressing I Want to Marry

Brace yourselves, world. I am going to inteoduce you to the absolute Best. Salad. Dressing. Ever! No really. I love this salad dressing so much, I want to marry it. Ready?


Tada! Aunt Annie’s Woodstock is the tastiest salad dressing I have ever had. It has a really unique combination of tomatoes, tahini, cider vinegar, and soy sauce. You can drizzle it on your salads, top your baked potato, or eat it by itself from a spoon. (Okay, not really, but someone writing this blog may or may not have done so once or twice).

Here is my favorite way to enjoy Woodstock dressing:


The only downside to this salad dressing masterpiece is the cost. Each little bottle is seriously pricey. I came across a homemade recipe at this blog site: Fake Aunt Annie’s Woodstock Dressing. And one day, when I am not feeling too lazy, and after I figure out what the heck EVOO is, then I might actually try it out to see if it tastes anything like the original. And if it does, then maybe I will make a huge batch and marry it.