I am a mom of 3,  suburban-dweller (who dreams of living anywhere BUT the suburbs), avid reader, writer of mostly fiction, music aficionado, part-time foodie, sports fan, nature lover, and dancer (when alone in my living room).

    Goals in Life



Raise my kids into terrific adults who love people and contribute to the world

Write books that people will love to read

Travel internationally

Watch the World Cup in person some day. Maybe the Olympics, too.

Visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and buy a magic wand from Ollivander’s

Read a lot of books. I don’t know how many. Just a lot.

Speak Spanish fluently. And then maybe learn another language.

Travel down South to trace the roots of my ancestors

Complete my family tree


7 responses to “About

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  2. Thanks for following my blog. I’ve been meaning to ask if your’e interested in exchanging links in a blog roll? I want to start one with exchange links for other book-y types. Please let me know if you’re interested. Thanks!

    • Hi Monica…not sure how I missed this. I enjoy your blog a lot! I am hesitant, however, to join a blog roll, since my blog is about a wide variety of things. I love books, but I don’t have very many literature-based posts.

    • ¡Muchas gracias, Carlos! Es bastante dificil para traducir mis poemas, porque no hablo español con fluidez. Qué alivio saber que te pareció bien. 🙂

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