Strive to Thrive (aka: A Self-Love Letter)

People are a mess, aren’t we?

I mean, we try. We each do our best to survive the Monday, to make it to the end of the year, year after year. But who wants to live a life that’s all about surviving? It’s so much better when we strive to thrive.

(Did I just make up that slogan? Because I love it and would totally wear the t-shirt).

Thriving can be hard, though. Sometimes, really, really hard. We know what we need to do to live better, to be better people. But it takes a great deal of effort and consistency. Exercise more. Eat less. Read more, communicate better, and above all, love harder. Love your spouses, love your kids, love your neighbor, love yourself.

Self Love Collage

It’s that last one that throws people into a tailspin. What does that mean to love myself? Does that mean I’m not loving myself if I like to change my hairstyle or sculpt my body into a different shape? Isn’t it possible to love yourself too much and turn into a narcissist?

Let me clear this up: Self-love is not narcissism! Got it? They are two very different things.

Self love says:

I am worthy and valuable, and so are other people.

I deserve good things in my life, and so do other people.

I deserve to be treated with respect and kindness, and I will treat others the same way.

My goal is not to compete with those around me, but to constantly grow into a better version of myself.

I want to lift other people up so that they feel better about themselves.

Narcissism says:

I am superior to other people.

I am more worthy and valuable than others.

I deserve more good things than other people and envy those who are more successful than me.

People must admire me, or my ego will be shattered.

I must put others down in order to feel better about myself.

(You can read more about this here:

Confident free happy woman

Self love is a necessary component to being a happy and secure person. It means looking in the mirror each day and fully accepting yourself — every blemish. Every scar. And know what else? When you can fully accept yourself, then you can also learn to fully accept others. Every blemish. Every scar. Self love lets you laugh at your silly quirks and flaws, and to forgive yourself. And when you can forgive yourself, guess what? You can forgive others.

It comes in that order. First you, then others.
A match with no flame can’t light candles. A lighthouse with no inner light can’t guide ships to shore. You’ve got to love yourself first. Turn on your light, my friends.

love hands heart

Today, I love:

Those tiny crinkles around my eyes when I smile; a marker of many years of smiles and laughter.

My short, springy, curly hair. Some days, I flat-iron it until it’s straights and long. But mostly, I wear it free, run my fingers through the soft curls. I love to stretch them out and watch them bounce back into shape. Boing! Just like that little girl in the Ramona Quimby story.

The way I rise early in the morning, ready to go for a run, ready to pull on my kick-ass boots , face the world, and smash my goals.

The inner wind that pushes me. It drives me forward until I see each project to completion. It focuses me, and enables my self-discipline when motivation fails me.

The treasure trove of stories that dance in my brain, eager to escape when I sit before a blank screen, ready to write.

I love my goodness, and my messiness, my corny sense of humor, even those moments when I feel too serious, overwhelmed by the misery and hopelessness in the world (like Artax, Atreyu’s horse, in the Swamps of Sadness).

Cute curly hair

Because I love myself, I will continue to strive to thrive, to do better, to be better. I will be my own queen, wearing my crown with pride. And I will do my best to lift up those around me, those who still struggle with loving themselves, until we are all kings and queens of our own destinies. There are plenty of thrones to go around.

17 responses to “Strive to Thrive (aka: A Self-Love Letter)

  1. Love is the most pure and powerful emotion. People sometimes mislabel other things as love-driven. A lot of what you are expressing here is actually acceptance and appreciation, necessary components of love. We sometimes describe the emotion as “unconditional love,” but really, there is no other kind. As Anita Baker sang,

    “I don’t know, there ain’t no explanation
    Of why I’m sharin’ love at last this way
    I won’t try to work out all my reasons
    I’ll use these words to simply say

    I love you just because
    I love you just because
    Just because I do, my darlin’
    Emotions more than words can help me say
    I love you”

    As for the flat iron vs. curls debate: Curl, Curls, CURLS!

    My wife uses the blow dryer and brush, but I LOVE it when her hair is still wet and curly after washing.

    • Yes, I agree. Love is the most pure and powerful emotion. And it is expressed through our choices and actions. Because I love myself, I accept and appreciate myself. Because I love myself, I push myself to eat healthy foods, to exercise, and to get enough sleep. When we love other people, we express that through our actions, and through the way we treat them, listen to them, give them attention. Our expression of love for ourselves should be no different.

      Ah yes, we naturally curly girls often go to great lengths to fight nature, but it feels so good and freeing to just go with the curl. Of course, I would never judge another woman who feels more beautiful by changing her curls. We are each our own canvas, and it can be just as good and freeing to change up the artwork once in a while. 🙂

  2. This is beautiful. And 1000 points for mentioning Artax. I love The Neverending Story and that horse has stayed with me.

    Would it be ok for me to share this on my blog as a reblog with credit to you? Lots of important messages. No pressure of course. Cheers.

  3. Reblogged this on Peregrine Arc and commented:
    Received permission from the author to reblog this. Included some important reminders and lessons about self love and self care. And it has a Neverending Story reference. I’m sold! Enjoy, Arcians.

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