Cheers! (aka: A Beer-y Tasty Project)

Twitter is good at reminding me of things I may have missed out on, like rocket launches, or Trump’s latest blunders, or finales to TV shows I’ve never watched and don’t care about. It is especially good at reminding me about little-known holidays, most of which are probably made up by companies trying to sell their ice cream, or pancakes, or greeting cards.

Well apparently, a couple of days ago, I missed out on a big one. National Beer Day. Right? I mean, you’d have to be from Jupiter, or perhaps living in a cave to miss out on such an important occasion. Yesterday, I made up for it, though, by enjoying a nice cold bottle of Mexican beer from Trader José. Olé!


Now here’s a confession. The very first time I tried beer was around 3-4 years ago. It’s true. I spent most of the first two decades of my adult life surrounded by very conservative, teetotalist Christian friends. When we used to get together, the strongest thing we ever drank was double shot espresso. Somehow I managed to start tasting and enjoying wine over the years, but not beer. A glass of pinot noir or chardonnay is a great companion for solitary moments with a good book and indie rock music. But there’s something about beer that screams of social outings, soccer matches, and fun. So I kept putting off that first drink until I was in an appropriate social situation for trying it out.

Toast beer diversity

My first beer was a Budweiser, and I liked it right away. Since then, I’ve begun keeping a spreadsheet of my beer explorations, and rating their flavors (Hey, I’m an INTJ, okay? This is what we do). I’ve learned that I really dislike IPAs and bitter beers. Bleah! But I really enjoy light beers and beers with a fruity twist. My absolute favorite type of beer? Pilsner. Yummm….I am tempted to end the experiment right here and only drink pilsner-style beers from now on. The very best pilsner I’ve had so far turned out to be the original pilsner beer — an import from Czech Republic called Pilsner Urquell.

Pilsner Urquell

Of course, there’s still a lot I don’t know about beers. I could probably do some Beer 101 reading to learn more about the different types, how they’re made, and what the heck is even in beer. I could probably also try visiting some of the many local breweries where I live. But that sounds a little intimidating to do alone, so maybe I’ll just stay home and sip another cold, frosty bottle of pilsner while watching a tennis match on TV. After all, beer doesn’t really require a Twitterized special occasion for us to celebrate it.

One last note — a few days ago, while I was at Trader Joe’s buying my single bottle of Trader José beer, the clerk studied my face, then asked to see my ID. When she saw that I am 42 years old, she laughed. “Seriously? Oh, come on!” So I guess that’s another good excuse to keep going with the beer tasting project. Getting carded by people around my own age makes me feel young. I’ll drink to that.



8 responses to “Cheers! (aka: A Beer-y Tasty Project)

  1. Cheers on being carded! I don’t drink beer often — and know even less — but I’ve liked it from my first purloined Beck’s (my father’s) when I was around 13. Pilsner is a pale lager so if you want to try other imports, you may like Harp (Ireland), Beck’s (Germany) or Corona (Mexico) too.

    • Thanks! 😊 To be honest, I’ve only had just over a dozen beers total, according to my spreadsheet, hahaha. Most of them have been imported, but I haven’t yet tried Beck’s or Harp, so I’ll be sure to look for those.

  2. It sounds like you and I have similar levels of inexperience with beer and alcohol generally. 🙂

    I recommend trying Newcastle Brown Ale, see what you think!

    Also, if you’re ever up on the Oregon coast, stopping at the Rogue River Brewery is fun (and also the Tillamook cheese factory)!

    I like the seasonal apricot beers too, though I wish they tasted more apricoty.

    • Hahaha…I am such an alcohol newbie. I’ve still never tried hard liquor, or any of those fruity mixed drinks everyone seems to know and rave about. Newcastle Brown Ale – check! I’ll be sure to look for it. And yes, the fruity beers are usually nice. Or a regular beer with a twist of lime.

  3. I’m actually drinking a bottle of beer as I type this, Steinhauser from Germany. There’s a whole world of beer out there to savour. Enjoy the journey!

  4. Excellent post! I also didn’t get into beer until a littler later in life and now I am all in, tasting beer all of the world. I started with a spreadsheet (spreadsheets are life), but I’ve recently moved to the Untappd app. It is super helpful to keep track. If you end up on there, I’m jenistheman. Let’s connect! … btw, I do not work for untrappd, but by this point, I should probably start charging them. haha!

    • Hahaha – I also keep a beer tasting spreadsheet. 🙂 I also just recently downloaded Untappd, and found the reviews so helpful! I may start using it soon, starting with a raving review for Einstock Icelandic Porter. Mmm… 😋 I’ll look you up.

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