Sriracha Everything! (aka: A Spicy Food Experiment)

Sriracha is the key Yesterday, I discovered an amazing new sandwich combination: two slices of white bread spread thick with avocado, plus mayo, a few leftover fish sticks, and plenty of Sriracha sauce. Mmm…my mouth is still watering, just remembering how it tasted.

What’s that? Ew? Okay, I know…maybe most people would have tossed the leftover fish sticks. But I didn’t want to see them go to waste. And anyway, who cares what the rest of the sandwich consisted of? It was all about the Sriracha sauce.

First of all, let me just say that I am not a Sriracha newbie. I’ve been happily dousing my Asian food dishes with the delectable, spicy red sauce for years. But recently, I decided that maybe it was time to experiment a little. After all, I am not a big fan of bland American food, like hamburgers or mac ‘n cheese. So why not try spicing it up a little?

So I did. I poured Sriracha onto my pizza. Squeezed some onto my scrambled eggs. Slathered it onto my cheese sandwiches and painted it onto my black bean burgers. And know what I discovered? That Sriracha makes just about everything taste better. Sriracha is the key. Sriracha is like edible poetry. Sriracha food pyramid

My kids have been amused, watching me worship at the church of Sriracha during meals. “How do you manage to keep a straight face while you eat that?” they ask. “Isn’t it super spicy?” Sure, I say. But that is the great thing about it – the blaze of fire that gives way to flavor. The calculated risk, like the sudden, shocking drop of a roller coaster that leads to a thrilling joy ride.

Sriracha everything!

Sriracha fire bear

I thought about making that my new motto, but my kids kind of ruined that by creating a list of foods they think I should try with the sauce: Peanut butter and Sriracha sandwiches. Sriracha pancakes. Sriracha ice cream. Ugh…grody. So maybe there are a few limits — Sriracha can’t make everything taste better.    But for the most part, it has been a fun experiment. Sometimes we need to try new things to put a little spice in our lives.

I Love Sriracha Sauce

5 responses to “Sriracha Everything! (aka: A Spicy Food Experiment)

  1. The have sriracha flavored potato chips, I wanted to eat them but its not available in my area. As for putting it on everything? My favorite combo would be matzoh, mozz and sriracha; sometimes I find it too garlic-y so the bottle I have has been sitting in the fridge for …more than two years.
    Maybe 2011.

    Its never that way with Franks hot sauce because I love vinegar. Just thinking about vinegar makes my mouth water > A<;;

    • Mmm, just thinking about Sriracha and mozzarella… Must be lunchtime, haha. Wait, did you say too garlicky? :O How could anything be too garlicky? Impossible. Idk about Sriracha chips, though. I’ve never been a fan of artifically-flavored chips. Maybe tortilla chips dipped in Sriracha? Oooh, that has potentia!

  2. I made some chow mein last night and I took some to office for lunch today. And I was banging my head for forgetting my sriracha chili sauce.
    Also, I have sriracha with my scrambled eggs all the time. 😀

      • Trust me, I was heartbroken.
        And you should try it with scrambled eggs. You won’t be able to go back to normal scrambled eggs. 😀

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