To the Infinite Power (Poetry about Quantum Mechanics)

This morning, I read a strange but fascinating article about a new theory of quantum mechanics, which suggests that parallel worlds not only exist, but that the different universes interact on the quantum level. Okay, maybe the idea is a little out there, but my mind has been savoring the thought like an odd and flavorful wine. The result? Why, a poem, of course!

infinite universe

Infinite Me

One me

walking the way I walk

on my sole path

singing thoughts that swirl like colors

toes in the sea

wild of mind, tame of heart

wishing to be loved

wanting to be free

just me.


Another me.

Do you walk alone, like me?

Or do we skip together

side by side

like sheep

telling a different story

with the same words?

Do you sense my presence

when we fall asleep?


Infinite me.

We are all the same, but not

Different times

roads that split and merged

like land, sea and sky

Do we always dance alone?

Did we learn to be loved?

Are you the better me

or am I?

2 responses to “To the Infinite Power (Poetry about Quantum Mechanics)

  1. I love the poem and the ideas from quantum mechanics. When I was growing up I got the impression from my parents that all the cool ideas were in philosophy and art and the classical liberal arts education. But my experience has been that the coolest, most interesting ideas I’ve discovered have originated in areas like evolution, quantum mechanics, cosmology, and sub-fields like sexual selection, the evolution of the human mind, natural history, ecology, and dark energy and dark matter.

    • Those certainly can be fascinating topics, too. I personally tend to be inspired more by literature and the arts, but sometimes, I come across scientific information that also really gets me excited. Quantum mechanics is really deep, and often over my head, haha. But apparently, even many physicists who study quantum mechanics don’t fully grasp quantum mechanics!


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