Hey Mom! (aka: She Must Be Nuts)

Exercise, sleep, humor, writing, black Jelly Bellies… No, that is not a wish list. Well, not exactly. Those are my five favorite ways to cope with stress. And I have been seeking them a lot lately. Especially the jelly beans.

I know, I have been blogging less frequently as of late. Blame my ridiculous schedule. You see, I am a full-time single mom of three great kids (because every mom is a full-time mom). I also have a part-time job where I get paid a small amount of actual money to support said three kids. And a part-time internship where I get paid no money, but am learning how to become a Tech Goddess (one day). And I am a full-time college student.

I know what you’re thinking: She must be nuts! Well, some days I think about this full load and am inclined to agree. But most days, I look at my three great kids and think…ahh, that’s why I do it.

It is not easy to be a student when you are also a mom. I can be seated in my favorite chair, laptop in front of me, in the middle of taking a complicated exam about networking protocols, when I will suddenly be interrupted by—

“Hey mom! Do you want to listen to the story I just wrote?” (Well, of course I do).

“Hey mom! I need some help adding MLA style citations to my essay.” (Sigh. Fine, fine).

“Hey mom! I need you to bake some cookies for this thing at school tomorrow.” (Can’t you bake them yourself?). “But yours are way better! Please?”

And so, I have learned to accept that C’s, too, are a passing grade. At least during this stage of life, when no one really cares what your GPA is. I have also learned that it is okay to sometimes let the housekeeping slide for a day or two, and that I will really, really regret it if I procrastinate on online class assignments, and that some of the best dinners are the quesadillas and apple slices prepared by three great kids while you’re busy at the computer. And yes, maybe I am a little bit nuts for wearing so many hats – not to mention managing several blogs. And maybe I will always be stretched a little thin as a single mother. But the thing is, the world needs more Tech Goddesses. And my kids need a Supermom who will drop everything to have a Family Movie Night or bake cookies or help with homework. And me? Well right now, I need a handful of black Jelly Belly candies, and maybe a nice glass of Pinot Grigio.

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