My Geektastic Life (aka: Why I am Not a Nerd)

Nerd AlertFor starters, I am not a nerd. Got it? Yes, okay, so I used to compete on a forensics speech and debate team in college. And yes, I have read the Harry Potter series seven times and even have my own homemade quidditch robes. And fine, I was once captain of my school spelling bee team, and it was my (sadly unfulfilled) dream to attend the Scripps National Spelling Bee. But that does not make me a nerd! Revenge of the Nerds Tri-Lambs

Look, I have nothing against nerds. I am not a geek-a-phobe. I have known some very nice and interesting nerds in my life. Like back in middle school I was closet-friends with this guy named Michael. He dressed like Steve Urkel and I swear he probably grew up to join the Tri-Lambs. I couldn’t be seen with him around campus, of course, but he and I were the only ones in the computer club (and probably the whole school) who knew how to operate the Apple IIe. When no one was looking, he and I had a great time playing Summer Games and Karateka (Omg, Karateka was the best!).

But I can’t possibly be a nerd. For starters:

  1. I have never attended a Con. That is like a serious prerequisite to being a real, live nerd.


  1. I do not read comic books. Okay fine, I used to read Archie and Betty & Veronica. But that doesn’t really count.


  1. I have loved computers since before they were cool. So doesn’t that make me less of a computer geek and more of a techie hipster?


  1. I do not own Alienware or any type of badass gaming computer. (But I do have plans to build one soon, so maybe I should earse this one from the list)


  1. I am physically coordinated. I play soccer. I dance. I am athletic. I even like to watch sports. So I’m pretty sure the nerds wouldn’t even let me into their club for this reason alone.


  1. I am way too hot to be a nerd. ‘Nuff said.

Sexy Nerd

So you see, that proves it. I may geek out about GPUs and geocaching, I may be the Queen of Scrabble, and I may just happen to work in the IT industry, but you’d better think twice before slapping that Nerd bumper sticker on my back, or else the next virus you catch may just be on your PC.

I’m kidding, I’m kidding! Haha…see? Sense of humor and everything. I’d make a terrible nerd. Evolution of the Geek


2 responses to “My Geektastic Life (aka: Why I am Not a Nerd)

  1. OMG, I LOVE the “something, somewhere went terribly wrong.” And the whole topic reminds me of the familiar caught-in-between-here-and-there sensation, not really fitting in with that clique or this clique, too interested in reading to be cool with the jocks, to athletic to be cool with studious people, fitting fully nowhere, so to speak 🙂

    • Lol…I love that image, too. 😀 and yes, I guess this is kind of like the experience of people who don’t quite fit in with one group or another, and yet kind of fit into multiple groups. And then there’s me — too busy writing stories and dancing around like Mary Poppins to really care about fitting in with groups. 😉

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