A Day in the Life (aka One Snapshot of Parenting my 3 Kids)

I love being a mother. Not because I am much better at it than most moms (I’m really not). And not just because my kids are so great (they really are). But because I find so many moments of joy in the middle of each ordinary day of being a mother. And today, I chose to record a day in the life – a snapshot of an ordinary Saturday with my three extraordinary kiddos.


1. Served the kids Fruit Loops (blended with Cheerios to lower the sugar content).
2. Let them play computer games for awhile
3. Drove everyone to my 11-yo daughter’s soccer game. Cheered on her and her teammates and passed out fresh slices of cold watermelon.
4. Drove the kids to the library to check out movies (yes, movies)


1. Made lunch for everyone (Cheese, avocado, heirloom tomato, red onion, and lettuce sandwiches on fresh baguettes of French bread)
2. Scolded my teenager for being disrespectful. Gave him a warning to stop talking or he’d lose privileges. He did not change his behavior. I took away his weekend computer privileges. I hate when I have to do that. He sulked for an hour and was very mad at me. But he was respectful for the rest of the day.
3. Supervised my 9 year-old and 11 year-old as they baked a few dozen chocolate chip and walnut cookies from scratch. Lots of giggles and fun.
4. Thanked my teen for washing the dishes with a kiss on the cheek and an unexpected Werther’s caramel. Earned a smile.


1. Made a cheese pizza for dinner. The teen grated the cheese. (He’s not that into cooking.)
2. Watched a few minutes of a My Little Pony movie with the 11 year-old and 9 year-old. But only a few minutes. Bleah.
3. Went for a quick run while the teen rode his scooter.
4. Assigned the younger kids to sweep floors and clean the bathroom.
5. Taught my daughter to do a proper ballet pirouette. Had fun dancing with her around the living room.
6. Stepped on a Lego while dancing in the living room. It hurt. A lot.
7. Kicked a soccer ball up and down the hallway with the teen.
8. Let the younger kids drag mattresses and blankets into the living room to build a camp-out fort for the night.

9:00 Bedtime (for them)

And now I shall retire to my bed to watch a few episodes of Grey’s Anatomy (my latest marathon show on Hulu). Good night!

2 responses to “A Day in the Life (aka One Snapshot of Parenting my 3 Kids)

  1. I have a lot of entries to catch up on, so I can read 1 per day for a while 🙂

    I must say, avocado, cheese, tomato and red onion sandwiches are my very favorite. Usually when we go on a surf trip to baja, we buy groceries in San Diego before crossing the border, and the first fresh food we eat before it goes stale includes the fresh bread with avocado, cheese and tomato. Once the fresh baguette is gone, we move on to Triscuits and Wheat thins.

    When we were young it was a treat to have avocado, cheese and sprout sandwiches. But it seems like alfalfa sprouts are hard to find in grocery stores these days. I guess I should grow my own.

    One time I was meeting my brother for a camping trip at a hot springs in Nevada, and there were a bunch of dirt roads that were confusing to follow, and I was trying to get there before sunset, and I got a flat tire. I also made rock arrows at every intersection so he would be able to find me if either of us lost our way. I made it and got into the hotsprings before sunset, and he and his girlfriend finally caught up to me, and he said he knew he was on the right path when he saw my receipt for avocadoes, cheese and tomoatoes. Apparently when I changed the tire, the receipt fell out of my car, and it was lying on the ground next to my rock arrow, and shoshon stopped to look at it, and he had it in his hand when he arrived. 🙂 🙂

    Marcus did a recent Algebra graphing project using the sugar content in popular cereals, and it was surprising. I always think of Raisin Bran as relatively healthy, but it has tons of sugar. The shredded wheat and grape nuts I grew up with are low, as expected. Apple Jacks, which was my favorite at summer camp, have tons of sugar. 🙂 I think Fruit Loops are up there too, but surprisingly Frosted Mini Wheats don’t have too much sugar – not nearly as much as Frosted Corn Flakes.

    It looks like I’ve completed the registration process (what a hassle!), so this weekend Marcel will be playing in a futsal tournament. It should be interesting – I have no idea how competitive it will be, but hopefully he’ll have fun. 🙂

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