Don’t Play That Tune (Two Poems)

listening for God

The Voice of God

So I thought God spoke

with a still, soft whisper

like the way the wind breathes life

into the trees and makes

the flowers dance

in the sunlight.

And I thought God moved

through gentle hands

that touch, that build

up the people when they’re down

and connected one heart to the next

like some kind of

love super highway.

So I thought.

But then came this group and that

With blanks faces and empty eyes

That look past the rest of us

‘Cause they’re wise

and we’re nothing.

They lift their hands in worship

to the signs they hold

and let their voices ring

like alarm bells

telling us the end is near

we’d better fear

we’d better wipe our faces clean

cause the world is mean

and the only God who saves

has the loudest voice and a face

like the President.

(Well you can keep your President).

But if I sit here in my dirty world

and hold someone’s hand

and let the sun shine

warm on my face

and feel the breeze lift my hair

I can almost hear the still small voice of

God – are you there?

the piano keys

Don’t Play That Tune


Your hand lingers inches from stroking

the piano keys.

Don’t play that tune,

the one that sings the scales of

my inner room

the one that knows the rhythm

of my shattered heart

the song that speaks of words

and love, and God, and everything

that wants to shake my spirit inside out, and

everything that wants to shock

the sleeper back to life.


It is a dangerous tune.

I place a finger on your trembling lips

that you cannot breathe a note

and make me taste

the salty sea.

Just like this, I must stay still




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