The health of my grandmother, the nonagenarian, is beginning to fade. Today I visited her in the hospital. We talked about family and laughed together, although she did not remember at all who I was. But I happily kissed her warm, soft cheek and gently held her fragile hands as we shared a few moments together in love.


I see her
across a small pool
every flutter, every line
soft folds of pale skin
beneath sterile lights
dark eyes that look back
in wonder and confusion
and her hands
so like mine
once strong and smooth
two small doves
at rest

She sees me
across a wide ocean
a shadow on a distant beach
who smiles
with the mouth of her daughter
and reminds her of
a forgotten home
in some distant time
when her hands
were like mine
and full, and never
at rest


La veo
a través de un charco
cada aleteo, cada arruga
pliegues suaves de piel pálida
bajo las luces estériles
ojos oscuros que miran hacia mi
con asombro y confusión
y sus manos
tan como las mia
una vez fuertes y lisas
dos palomitas
en reposo

Ella me ve
a través de un vasto océano
una sombra en una playa lejana
quien sonríe
con la boca de su hija
y la recuerda a
una casa olvidada
un tiempo distante
cuando sus manos
fueron como las mia
y llenas, y nunca
en reposo

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