Let’s Be Young Forever / Por Siempre Joven

Let’s Be Young Forever


Your hand clasped in mine

as we tiptoe in bare feet

across the cool, damp grass to the edge of night

and leap

together beyond the veil of time

to when the sunshine warmed our skin

and the mysteries of life were only

things to be pondered

while naming the clouds above our heads

and the only sounds were laughter and music and

love was like breathing.

Take my hand, and we will

run, run, run

across the flowered fields

and fly into the rising sun

forever young

forever young

forever young with you at my side








Por siempre joven


Me agarras de la mano

Cuando caminamos de puntillas, descalzo

través de la hierba fresca y húmeda

hacia el borde de la noche

y saltar juntos

más allá del velo del tiempo

a cuando el sol calentaba nuestra piel

y los misterios de la vida eran solamente

cosas que se consideraban

mientras que nombrando las nubes encima de nuestras cabezas

y los únicos sonidos eran de risa y música, y

el amor era como respirar.

Toma mi mano, y vamos a

Correr, correr, correr

Traves de los campos de flores

y volar hacia el sol naciente

por siempre joven

por siempre joven

2 responses to “Let’s Be Young Forever / Por Siempre Joven

  1. Just have to tell you, this so far is my favorite. Maybe because I can actually picture it in my mind and put myself into. But it really does “stir” something in me. (if that makes any sense lol)

    • It makes perfect sense, and it makes me smile. That is one of the greatest compliments I could ever hope to receive as a writer! Thanks for reading, Brianna. 🙂

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