Who Shall I Be Today?

Identity Pause

No, sun.

Do not shine today on this face

whose eyes have seen your dawn

so many thousands of times.

Today I wish to wake up

in the heat of the desert

within my palace walls.

And I am Cleopatra, I am Isis

Lover to Marc Anthony

(though my smile belongs to Caesar).

With sandaled feet, I walk with

catlike grace along the Nile

And there, within the waters, is the reflection of

Athena, who sits upon her throne

assessing the world with

cool, gray wisdom

always ready for the battle

never a falter in my step.

And as I part my lips to speak

I hear the music of Kalliope

as I sing for a prince

and dance for a king

beneath your brilliant rays.

Do not shine on this ordinary face

today, for I shall

not be me.


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