Deep Fried Family Fun at the State Fair

It’s been ten years since I last visited the California State Fair. Which is kind of strange, I guess, since I live right next door to the state capitol. But here’s the problem: I hate going to the fair. Can’t stand it. Yes, I know, no one is supposed to hate the fair (or pizza, or kittens, or Easter…). Come on — the state fair. Cotton candy! Rides! Great exhibits! Family fun! What’s not to love, right?

Well, yesterday we took our kids to the state fair, since none of them could remember having been to one, and I am afraid that depriving them completely will destroy their childhood. And well, they had a terrific time.

Thanks to their enthusiasm, I didn’t entirely hate our time at the fair. In fact, some parts were kind of neat, like being able to handle sturgeons and crawdads in a touch pool, and enjoying the beauty of some gorgeous flower gardens. The county exhibits were also kind of interesting to look at, even though they were somewhat redundant. Also, despite the frightening amounts of deep-fried and bacon-infused cuisine, not all the food was completely disgusting. I actually enjoyed a great ear of roasted corn on the cob for lunch.

But still, it was sweltering hot outside, and after awhile, the crowds and noise became too much for this severe introvert. So my husband took the kids on rides while I found a quiet(ish), shady bench near a pond and immersed myself in a good book until it was time to leave.

“So how did you guys like the state fair?” I asked the kids as we hiked back to our car.

My youngest son frowned. “I only got to play one carnival game, because they cost too much.”

My daughter shrugged. “It was okay. I liked the ice cream and the snow cone, and one of the rides we went on.”

My oldest son also shrugged. “It would’ve been even better if we could have gone to the waterslide park.”

And that is what we got for $120 of family fun. So long, California State Fair! Maybe we’ll visit again in another ten years.


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