On Becoming Pandora

On Becoming Pandora

In the middle of an empty space
a box appeared
wrapped in shiny paper
and tied with colorful ribbons.
And inside the gift, I knew
lay my heart’s desire
or rainbows
or happiness
or love with wings.
So with courage
I tore away the shiny wrappings
and untied the ribbons,
and with hope
I opened the lid
and peered inside.
And wept.
For all I found
within the depths
was empty space.

Turning Down the Voice

Will someone please tell that little girl
to quiet down?
Her voice is so loud,
always complaining
always hating her short, curly hair
her voice, her skin, and even
her poetry.
Always wishing for longer, straighter
thinner, lighter
So blind to the colors
of her own art
So deaf to the lyrics
of her own song.
Please, someone quiet down
that little girl.
Her voice is louder than mine,
louder than yours.

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