The Sun and The Moon

    The Promise

When you are an eagle

soaring round the mountains high

I will be the winds that lift you

I will be your summer sky

When you are a cloud

sprinkling rain upon the land

I will dance beneath your shower

I will hold your watery hand

When you are a flame

throwing heat and blazing bright

I will be your embers

glowing red throughout the night

And when you are the ocean

choppy waves and salty foam

I will smooth the shores before you

shine my light and guide you home


    The Sisters

She is larger than all

golden, glowing arms

that light the air

and caress the earth

The growers’ delight

queen of spring

and glory of summer

goddess of the sky

She scoffs at her sister

whose small, gentle hands

glow soft and silver

through the night

But the sister smiles

for she is ruler of tides

prize of poets

and the song of every lover


    Las Hermanas

Ella es más grande que todos

brazos dorados y brillantes

que iluminan el aire

y acarician la tierra

El deleite de los cultivadores

reina de la primavera

y la gloria del verano

diosa del cielo

Ella se mofa de su hermanita

cuyas manos pequenas y suaves

brillan tenue y plateado

durante la noche

Pero la hermanita sonrie

porque ella es soberana de las mareas

el premio de poetas

y la canción de cada amante

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