My Grandmother, the Nonagenarian

It’s true. I do not look anything like my grandmother. No resemblance whatsoever. Of course, I also look nothing like my mother, and very little like my father and his relatives, either. (Of course, you and I know the real reason behind this lack of resemblance, as I am from Jupiter). To hear my grandmother tell it, both of her parents were half Native American, and she is, in fact, a descendant from the same tribe as the actual Pocahontas (my grandmother’s namesake).

Yeah. I know. What a load of baloney. The truth is, my grandmother’s parents were both half white, half-black, and in fact, Grandma’s grandmother, Mary Eliza, was blonde with blue eyes. Why the Native American story? Honestly, I have no idea why Grandma holds onto this fixation, but at the age of 91, she’s allowed to believe whatever she wants.

Grandma and my youngest son at my house (2006, I think)

5 Somewhat Interesting (True) Facts About My Grandma:

1. Her name is really Pocahontas. Middle name Mary.

2. She gave birth to ten children, nine of whom survived. She had two sets of fraternal twins, whom she named Harold and Gerald, Ina and Nina.

3. Grandma raised my mom and her siblings in a tiny country home in rural Ohio, where they raised their own food, heated water on the stove for the weekly bath, and slept near the fireplace during the cold winter months.

4. At the age of 91, she still goes out to play Bingo three times per week (which is why she was not home when I called to wish her a Happy Birthday).

5. I’ve lost count, but currently, Grandma has around 15 grandchildren, 18 great-grandchildren, and 2 great-great grandchildren.

I wonder if my grandma will live to be a centenarian? I’m sure it is possible…only nine more years to go. If, in fact, I am not from Jupiter, and Grandma really is my grandmother, then I wonder if I may have inherited her amazing longevity? One day, will my grandchildren write a blog about my life in the olden days while I hobble around playing Bingo?

My Grandma (head of the table) with 7 of her children and 2 grandchildren.


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