Passion Unleashed (Thoughts of an Almost-Poet)

I never meant to become a poet. I am a writer, yes, but I usually write humorous things, and stories to make people smile. I write sunshine and rainbows and vanilla sugar cookies. But poetry–poetry is passion unleashed. Poetry is thunderstorms and beating hearts and the life that dwells in the deepest ocean. Poetry is life and death and love and hate, crafted together into a sculpture of words that ignite the heart. It is music without sound. It is dance without motion. It is art for the soul.

See what I did there? Not again! Here I am, trying to explain why I did not mean to become a poet, and instead I am writing…poetry. It is fate. An inescapable destiny. The muses of poetry are determined to have their way with me. So I hope that you do not mind if, scattered in between these sunshine-and-rainbows posts about life, there is an occasional burst of poetry. I do not promise greatness. Really, I have never taken a poetry class. I know very little about iambic tetrameter. What I do have is a love for words (both English and Spanish), and an imagination which is often fueled by great writers and poets of the past. Compared to these poets, my own poetry is so weak…barely a petal versus a bouquet of roses. But I can dream to aspire, hope to climb higher, and try to inspire…with poetry.

    The 12 Poems I Love Most:

1. Nothing Gold Can Stay — Robert Frost

2. Pasatiempo — Mario Benedetti

3. My Friend — Kahlil Gibran

4. Soneto VI — Pablo Neruda

5. Still I Rise — Maya Angelou

6. A Dream Deferred — Langston Hughes

7. Soneto LXIX — Pablo Neruda

8. Fire and Ice — Robert Frost

9. All the World’s a Stage — William Shakespeare

10. Corazón Coraza — Mario Benedetti

11. I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings — Maya Angelou

12. i carry your heart with me — E.E. Cummings



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