The Key

The Key


There was only a girl, who stood in the sun

guarding the door of a cell

and no one knew what was locked inside

for the child was scared to tell.


“Open the door,” demanded the man.

“Open the door…I know you can.”

But the girl only shivered and hid in fright

from the one who did not understand.


And the sun set, and the moon rose high

and the rivers flowed to the sea

then from the shadows crept the one

who held the only key.


The girl smiled and stepped aside as

the door was flung open wide

and the light of the moon shone silvery bright

and lit the darkness inside.


The one with the key entered inside

and lifted her up from the floor.

The woman awoke, and took his hand

as he led her out the door.


He helped her take unsteady steps

and gave her peace of mind

‘Till the woman felt free to walk with him

and leave the child behind.



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