Living Room Dance

What do you do when no one else is watching? Do you eat the entire package of cookies? Pick your nose? Use a wooden spoon as a microphone and belt out Mariah Carey tunes? When no one else is around, we transform into our truest selves — uninhibited, relaxed, and free. Well, World, today I will offer you a sneak peek inside my living room during a time when I was blissfully, peacefully alone. Be warned: it may not be pretty.

The best parts about dancing alone in your own living room is that you don’t need any choreography, and you do not have to know how to dance, because no one is watching. No one will laugh at you. The only danger lies in tripping over furniture, or executing a grand jeté and landing barefoot on a pile of Lego bricks (Do NOT do this…you will experience considerable pain! Take my word for it). So go ahead…enjoy the moment when you have it. Close your curtains, turn up the music, and dance around your living room.


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